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As a personal injury attorney, I see the value and impact of making my website ADA-Compliant.

I work with injured clients; many suffer temporary or permanent disabilities. Therefore, I wanted to do everything possible to make it easier for people with disabilities to access my services. So I started by making my website fully accessible. Most people first contact me through my website. The results exceeded my expectations. I have been able to assist more people that need legal help than ever before. Additionally, adopting technologies such as screen readers and improving visibility features on my website has allowed me to reach a wider audience and offer better customer service. My clients now benefit from greater convenience in their interactions with me, which leads to increased satisfaction.

What is “ADA Compliance”?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that applies to all businesses that interact with the public. The legislation requires all companies to provide equal access for all individuals, including those with disabilities. The ADA sets standards that companies must follow to remove barriers and make it easier for those less fortunate to enjoy a similar level of access to places of business enjoyed by those without disabilities. In 2018, specific standards were developed for websites to make it easier for people with disabilities (especially those with visual impairments and cognitive and motor skills impairments) to navigate and understand web pages.


The Importance of ADA Compliance to Kaylie Law

I wanted to ensure that all my services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities, because I believe it is essential to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to inclusivity. This has helped me create a more inclusive environment for anyone facing medical and legal issues following an injury. It’s part of being socially responsible.


Leading the Way

By making my website ADA-compliant, I have been able to take a leadership role in promoting equal access for those with disabilities in the legal industry. By setting an example, I can inspire other attorneys to follow suit. Kaylie Law’s commitment to website accessibility is a great way to encourage other attorneys to commit similarly. Prioritizing ADA compliance is a testament to a firm’s core values and reflects a commitment and investment to its future success. But it’s also essential to adopt ADA compliance to protect businesses — even law firms — from costly lawsuits that can be brought against them. Equally important is protecting against reputational damage that may result from legal action. The personal injury industry needs more attorneys who are ADA-compliant. By offering accessible services and equal access to those with disabilities, we can help bridge the current legal representation gap.

What This Means for Kaylie Law Clients Kaylie Law

We have always provided quality legal services to people with disabilities. But now, we can offer a superior experience for those with medical and legal issues following an injury. is now fully accessible, making a real difference for many clients.

We use technology to ensure our website is 100% accessible. That means that people with disabilities can review our website and get more detail about our services. This helps our clients understand if they have a personal injury case, and they can get more information on our website about their circumstances. Many clients have said this helps them better understand their predicament and gives them peace of mind during a stressful period. We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

We stand proudly as an example of what it means to make a business ADA- compliant—we strive to provide all our clients with exceptional service, regardless of any physical or mental limitations they may have. Kaylie Law is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities, and we are happy to be part of this movement.

Lookit Design has provided expert guidance and a proven technological solution for our website.

Lookit Design assisted us with the technical solution to make ADA Compliant.  As our website agency, Lookit Design handled all the technical details to bring our website into full compliance. The system includes a widget with dozens of features for many disabilities. It allows our website visitors to set their preferences and remembers the personalized settings each time they visit. The system supports over 15 languages, which is essential because many of our clients do not speak English as their first language. In addition, the solution includes an ADA Compliance Statement that itemizes all the accessibility features. The capabilities are automatic updated when new features are available. This gives a long-term solution that will encompass more disabilities in the future. Kaylie Law has done this with Lookit Design’s expertise and resources. We wholeheartedly recommend Lookit Design’s accessibility solution to anyone who shares our vision to create a more inclusive digital experience for all.