Rachel Kaylie

Rachel Kaylie

Founding Partner



Rachel Kaylie is the founder of the Law Offices of Rachel L. Kaylie, P.C.  She is a skilled litigation attorney with well over 25 years of private practice experience in various areas of litigation in both state and federal courts.  Her practice consists primarily of representing debtors for bankruptcy matters and personal injury matters. In addition, she represents individuals in personal injury claims. For example she helps accident victims get money damages. Personal injury includes motor vehicle, trip slip and fall, and construction accidents.  As a result, Rachel Kaylie is experienced in handling all phases of these matters from intake to trial for personal injury, and from intake to discharge in bankruptcy.



Rachel Kaylie started in private practice in 1996. Her practice was based in Manhattan, New York. She began handling bankruptcy and personal injury. Also, she handled family law. Because she wanted to help children, she worked as a law guardian at the Family Court for the Children’s Law Center in Brooklyn. Following that, Ms. Kaylie went back to the private sector so she could handle personal injury cases as a litigation attorney.


As a result of working for other firms for years, she started her own law firm. Consequently she can help her community. Above all, her goals are to provide quality representation. As a result she offers individualized attention. Most noteworthy, her legal services reflect the high standards she demands of herself and those in her practice.


Education & Degrees

With a J.D. law degree from the New England School of Law in Boston (1994) Rachel Kaylie was admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Washington D.C.  Before that, she earned her bachelor’s degree in 1990 from Brandeis University, with a major in Political Science and a minor in Spanish.

As a result of her community work, Ms. Kaylie belongs to many groups. First of all, she is a member of the Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Also, she belongs to BNI. Likewise, she is a member of the Brandeis University Alumni Association.  While mentoring law school students and younger attorneys, she helps them with substantive and procedural legal matters. Therefore she is involved in the business community while active in the legal community.

Primary Expertise

Licensed in New York & New Jersey
State & Federal Courts
Civil Litigation
Personal & Business Lawyer

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