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Corporate litigation includes legal proceedings with businesses and corporations. This is also known as business litigation or commercial litigation. Kaylie Law helps clients take steps to avoid litigation through mediation or arbitration. as actual litigation and managing business disputes through negotiation and mediation or arbitration.

Strategies to Avoid Litigation

Litigation is time consuming. It distracts business owners from building their business. Kaylie Law helps clients avoid litigation by using written contracts. Agreements save money in the long run.

Mediation & Arbitration

Business disputes may still happen. Kaylie Law can help clients save time and money by using mediation to avoid a costly court battle. Kaylie Law uses alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which includes arbitration. First, an impartial intermediary, often a retired judge or lawyer, meets with both sides.  Then the mediator makes a binding decision on how to resolve the issue. The decision is considered final.

Civil Lawsuit

Business disputes cannot always be resolved. In that case, either party may file a civil lawsuit. However, this is a lengthy and expensive process. In a civil trial, a judge or jury examines evidence to decide if the defendant must pay damages. .A lawsuit may end with a trial. Each side can present their case.  However, most civil disputes are resolved well before trial. Lawsuits can be settled. Or a judge may dismiss the case.